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20+ Ball Control Drills for Better Movement, Communication & Conditioning


with Nancy Dorsey,
St. James Academy (KS) Head Coach;
2015 AVCA National High School Coach of the Year;
2015 Kansas Class 5A state champions;
nine state titles in eleven years 2008-18 (finished runner up twice);
2x PrepVolleyball.com National Champions (2013, 2010);
VBM 2013 High School Team of the Year; American Family Insurance 2013 All-USA Volleyball Coach of the Year;
won 56 straight matches from 2012-13; lost only one set in 2013 (finishing 96-1); over 420 career wins

The emphasis of this video featuring the 2015 AVCA National High School Coach of the Year, Nancy Dorsey, is to demonstrate some of the most effective ball handling drills that you can use anytime in practice - from warm-up to competitive play. Most of the drills in this video emphasize not only the need for ball control, but add pressure on players to go after every ball.

Dorsey shows how you can get your players to compete while they learn valuable ball handling skills through the use of scoring systems. Many of her drills are also great for conditioning, as they are fast-moving and won't end until a predetermined goal is reached.

Fast-Paced Ball Control Drills

Through drill progressions focused on ball control, your players will have many opportunities for frequent touches of the ball. By moving through the drill progressions at a fast pace, athletes are continually challenged to continue their skill set development. Dorsey emphasizes presenting players with high energy, fast-paced drills, because it prepares them to be able to make good decisions on the court and to do anything in a game situation.

Consistent Communication

Coach Dorsey says that every player in the gym should be involved and engaged in every drill. Expect your players to exhibit a high level of communication at all times in order to make the entire team better! You'll see how to help your athletes make better decisions through prioritizing communication in drill work and match play.

Drills such as Stay-Go and 4 vs 4 Full Court Pepper emphasize solid communication while creating urgency for your players. Players who are assisting with a drill should be just as vocal as those participating in the drill.

'Comfortable Being Uncomfortable'

Coach Dorsey explains that by putting players in stressful situations during practice, coaches can prepare them for game situations every day. You'll see how to:

  • Implement drills that create stress and urgency to prepare athletes to be comfortable and confident performing numerous skills.
  • Put rules on your drills that will challenge your players and make them think.
  • Place your players in positions that they don't usually play in a game in order to make them more confident in their decision making while in the heat of battle.

Dorsey emphasizes that the best way to challenge a player is to put them in stressful, high energy situations because it creates opportunities for them to develop their skills and their competitive mindset. The more frequently you put your players in these situations in practice, the better they will react to stressful situations in games.

Coach Dorsey does an outstanding job presenting her high-energy approach to get the most out of volleyball players every day. The drills in this video will encourage your athletes to work hard, plus challenge themselves and their teammates. Dorsey promotes an aggressive and fast-paced approach to every drill that will have your teams competing in every practice scenario!

75 minutes. 2020.

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